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Stamps show that something is genuine. As such, putting a stamp on something refers to acknowledging or endorsing it after meeting certain standards.

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What does 'to have no place in sth' mean?

sth stand for something

What does the proverb Be always ashamed to catch thyself idle mean?

if you're not doing sth, you cnat achieve sth

What does STH stand for in Prime STH?

STH means Stockholm, Prime STH hometown.

What does the medical abbreviation STH mean?

Somatotropic Hormone

What does sth mean in a crossword puzzle clue?


Will they put Sally Acorn back with Sonic the Hedgehog?

They did in the American comics; StH.

What does sth stand for?

"sth" stand for Somthing.

What does neutralizing mean?

in chemistry it means making sth not acidic or basic

What does travesty mean in German?

noun meaning: Travestie or Zerrbild verb meaning: travestieren, entstellen or verzerren to travesty sth.: etwas ins lächerliche ziehen ( to ridicule sth.)

What is the meaning of the word tawdry?

If u describe sth such as clothes or decorations as tawdry, u mean that they are cheap and show a lack of taste. (=tacky) If u describe sth such as a story or an event as tawdry, u mean that it is unpleasant or immoral.

What do you put the stamp on in poptropica?

You put the stamp on the letter, which you mail to get on Reality TV Island

What does usuratonkachi mean?

Clumsy Idiot. actually i think it means sth useless because "usura" means "thin" and "tonkachi" is the "hammer" so a thin hammer is sth useless, isn't it?

What is the prepositional phrase in don't forget to put a stamp on the envelope?

on the envelope.

What does TG stamp on jewelry mean?

the tg stamp on my bracelet means my husband, who recently passed away, had it put on the bracelet to remind me that he loved me. his intials were tg

What is meant by affix stamp here?

attach or put the stamp there

What does the 14 kt a18 stamp mean?

What does the a18 stamp mean

What does JA stamp mean in a ring?

what does J A ring stamp mean

The stamp act was required a stamp put on what things?

It was a tax on all paper goods and legal documents. The stamp was put on to verify the tax was paid.

What movie star was put on a postage stamp?

I believe that Elvis was put on a postage stamp. A handsome stamp, that was. Also, Marilyn Monroe received that honor,.

Do you have to put a new stamp on returned mail?

if the stamp is not cancelled you can resend it without another stamp

What does Germany stamp mean?

A stamp from Germany.

What does the name Schweinsteiger mean?

It means Pig Mounter Schwein:pig steigen :mount Or sth like this

Is it natural to say 'Select from one of sth' when you mean choosing one from sth?

It would not be correct to say, for example,"select from one of 5th." The correct phrase would be, "select from one of five."

Can put glue on adhesive stamp?

There is no point if the stamp is adhesive anyway.

Do you have to put a stamp on freepost?