What does to teach in Spanish?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: What does to teach in Spanish?
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Teach in Spanish?

"To teach" in Spanish is "enseñar".

Can anyone teach Spanish with emails?

HI!! I´m Mexican and I can teach you spanish! add me!!

How do you learn Spanish easy?

ask a spanish person to teach you

What does to teach mean in Spanish?


How do you say the teaches teach us in spanish?

Los profesores nos ensenan (en espanol) = The teachers teach us (in Spanish)

Teach you how to speak spanish?

You can take a Spanish class almost anywhere now.

How did the Spanish categorize members of society?

the way the spanish teach in there school`s

What subject does Will Schuester teach in Glee?

He is a Spanish teacher.

Where can one learn Spanish for free?

123 Spanish and Study Spanish are two places to learn Spanish for free. There is also Spanish dictionary that will teach most of the Spanish words and how to speak Spanish.

Is the Pimsleur Spanish an easy way to learn Spanish?

The Pinsleur Spanish method is an easy way to learn Spanish and help you speak it quickly in a way that is similar to how we naturally learn language. It's less of a way to teach you grammar and more of a way to teach you how to speak it.

How do you say to teach in spanish?

Ensenar (but the "n" has a tilde on the top of it.)

Yo le puede ensenar mean in Spanish?

I can teach you.