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they eat them

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Q: What does tooth fairies do with their teeth when they fall out?
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What do tooth fairies like?


Photo of structure of the teeth of a herbivore?

tooth fairies keep teeth at a huge teeth factory /no photo

Are there such things as dog tooth fairies?

No, because for one thing, human tooth fairies don't exist, and for another, dogs don't lose teeth naturally like humans lose baby teeth.

Are there any boy tooth fairys?

There are boy tooth fairies, but they only come to collect your teeth when your molar comes out.

Is the tooth next to your canine tooth supposed to fall out?

Yes, the teeth behind and the teeth in front of the canine teeth!!

How does your teeth fall out?

your baby teeth fall out when the adult tooth starts growing and coming out on top of the baby tooth. The roots that keep your teeth in place, start breaking and eventually the all break and your tooth has fallen out

How many molar teeth fall out?

Every milk tooth (baby tooth) will fall out, so yes

Do your teeth fall out when you die?

does you die when you lose a tooth

When the baby teeth fall out what is it called?

Losing a baby tooth...:)

What time does a fairy come out?

fairys come out in all seasons because there are different season fairies if you are talking about the tooth fairy she comes out when you lose your teeth or a tooth

How much does it take to chip a tooth?

Teeth can be chipped by a fall in which your tooth strikes the ground or floor.

Why is there tooth?

there is know tooth fairy or santa or easter bunny kids . A tooth is for chewing food. Baby teeth fall out to make way for permanent teeth.

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