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What does trading partner mean?

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what does a trading partner mean

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Is Canada a trading partner with Germany?

yes canada is a trading partner with germany

Who is Irelands main consumer?

Ireland's main trading partner is Britain, if that is what you mean.

Which country is canada's biggest trading partner?

Canada's biggest trading partner is Great Britain!

What is canada's largest trading partner?

The USA is Canada's largest trading partner, and vice versa.

Who was Canada's largest trading partner?

Canada's LARGEST trading partner is the United StatesCanada's largest trade partner is the United States.

What is New Zealands most important trading partner?

Australia is NZ's most important trading partner

Who is cubas number one trading partner?

The People's Republic of China is Cuba's number one trading partner.

Is England a major trading partner with Canada?

Yes England and Canada are both each other's #3 trading partner

What nation is the largest trading partner with Australia?

China is Australia's largest trading partner. That is true with exports as well as imports.

Who is china's main trading partner?

The European Union is China's largest trading partner as of 2013. The United States and Japan are also significant trading partners with China.

Who are Guyana's trading partners?

Canada is Guyana's main trading partner.

What is Canada's top trading partner?

on of the most important trading partner is the untied states well u well all have a good time reading my answer goodbye cya next time.Japan is Canada's second best trading partner

What rank is Canada's trading partners?

The United States is by far Canada's largest trading partner. China is Canada's second largest trading partner, following by the United Kingdom.

What is Canada's major trade partner?

The USA is Canada's biggest trading partner

Who are France's main trading partners?

Germany is the main trading partner for France.

Is Mexico the the second largest trading partner of the U.S?

Yes, depending on the season, it can be the second to third largest trading partner, after Canada and or China.

Is austria a trading partner with the US?


How are china and Australia linked?

Trading partner

America's largest trading partner is?


Canada's 1 trading partner?


Who is India's largest trading partner?

your mom is

Who is Cuba's biggest trading partner?


Who is japans largest trading partner?


Who is Canada largest trading partner?


Is Canada a trading partner with the Netherlands?