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"Trece" means "thirteen". It is pronounced "TRAY-say". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

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Q: What does trece mean in spanish?
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What does tamano trece mean in Spanish?

Tamano trece translates from Spanish into English as - Size thirteen.

What is 13 in Spanish?

13 in Spanish is trece

How do you say 213 in spanish?

In Spanish, you would say "doscientos trece" for the number 213.

How do you sat April 13 in spanish?

April 13th is said as "trece de abril" in Spanish.

How do you say the spanish number 13?

13 is spelled trece and pronounced 'TRAY-say.'

What is spanish for 13?

Thirteen: "Trece"

How you say 13 in spanish?


How do you write 2013 in spanish?

dosmil trece

How do you spell 13000 in spanish?

trece mil

What is you are 13 in Spanish?

Tienes trece anos.

How do you say out 113 in spanish?

Ciento trece

What is the number 113 in Spanish?

Ciento trece.