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You are well brave with me

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Q: What does tu eres bien brava conmigo mean?
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How do you say you are mean to me in spanish?

you are mean to me = Eres cruel conmigo.

What does Eres bien mensa mean in English?

Eres bien mensa means: You are stupid/silly.

What does todo esta bien conmigo mean in English?

Everything is good with me.

What does porque eres Mal con migo mean?

"Porque eres mal conmigo" is a sentence fragment that means "Because you are bad with me." If you add some punctuation, it could become: "¿Por qué eres mal conmigo?" That means "Why are you bad with me?"

How do you say you're being mean in spanish?

eres tan malo/a

What does q lastima q eres bien bonito mean?

"What a shame that you are well pretty."

What does eres bien carinoso amor mean in English?

"You are very loving/affectionate, love."

What does Ó esta bien y de donde eres mean?

Or this* well and where are you from? (*If 'esta' has an accent on the 'a': 'is he/she//are you')

What does eres una hermosa moto muy bien mean?

Its a pretty moped, very good

What does this mean in English Tienen un admirador condisional eres bien Bella?

The frog ate my lunchl

What does conmigo mean?

I think you mean conmigo it means [with me]

What does te amo espero que estés esta durmiendo bien y soñando conmigo mean?

"I love you. I hope you're sleeping well and dreaming about me."