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You speak Spanish a lot papa.

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you dad

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Q: What does tu papá mean in spanish?
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What does Tu lees mean in Spanish?

Tu lees translates from Spanish to mean you read.

What does doy tu mean in spanish?

'doy' = 'I give' 'tu' = 'your'.

What does tu saves mean in spanish?

Assuming you mean tu sabes, it means "you know"

What does the spanish word tu mean?


What does the word Tu mean in Spanish?


What does tu apellido mean in spanish?

tu apellido - your last name

What does tu nembre mean in spanish?

Nothing. 'Tu nombre' means 'your name'

What does en tu pagina mean?

en tu pagina is Spanish for in your page

What does you markaste mean in Spanish?

Kien eres tu tu m markaste

What does tu listo mean?

It is Spanish for you ready

What does Tu Amigos mean?

tu amigos mean '' your friends " in Spanish !

What is tu in Spanish mean?

that can mean your ear or your wing...depends