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Q: What does tu sonrisa a la cara y el latido de mi corazon mean in spanish?
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How do you say in spanish you have a great day my gorgeous baby?

you say: "alegraste mi dia"

When did corazon sin cara by prince Royce come out?

February 9, 2010

What does corazon sin cara mean in English?

It means a heart without a face I think.

Is the word cara in spanish masculine or feminine?

The word "cara" in Spanish is feminine.

What does estoy feliz que yo puede poner una sonrisa en tu cara mean?

I am happy when i can put a smile on your face

What does face mean in Spanish?

"Face" in Spanish can be translated as "cara" or "rostro".

What are prince Royce top 3 hits?

stand by me , corazon sin cara, el amor que perdimos

What is the phrase 'face to face' when translated from English to Spanish?

cara a cara

What is face in spanish?


How do you face in Spanish?

This is how you SAY face in Spanish: "cara"

Face in Spanish?

La cara

How do you say face in Spanish?

The Spanish word for face is "Cara".