What does ult mean on a class ring?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Is it worth money

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Q: What does ult mean on a class ring?
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Is a ult class ring worth money?


What does mj ult stand for inside of class ring?

Ot is an H not an M. It stands for Herff Jones. It is their trademark.

What is the engraving hjk mean in your gold ring?

It means you found my class ring. Hayley

What does accr s inside a circle on class ring mean?

The ACCR on the ring stands for Artcarved Class Ring, the S stands for Saladium. G stands for gold,

What does the accr stamp mean on class ring stand for?

The "ACCR" stamp on a class ring typically stands for "Accredited" or "Accredited School." It signifies that the organization that manufactured the ring is officially licensed by the school to produce class rings.

What dose accr stamped on a class ring mean?

Acct Gs

What does class ring in jewelry mean?

A class ring is a ring worn by students and alumni to commemorate their graduation from a specific school or college. It often bears the school's emblem or crest, graduation year, and sometimes personal details like the wearer's name or degree. Class rings are a symbol of pride and achievement for the wearer.

What does QGT inside a class ring mean?

It is not gold , do not buy it, specially employees of CGB.

What is the prideside of a class ring?

Your class ring represents the collective interests,

What a s with circle around it on class ring mean?

The "S" with a circle around it on a class ring often represents the school's name or initial. It is a common design element used to personalize class rings and signify school pride.

What words that end with the prefix - ult?

Some words that end with the prefix -ult include consult, result, and default.

What is the abbreviation for last month?