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What does underlying disease mean?


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An underlying disease is a disease that is causing other issues or diseases in the body. An examole of this would be Diabetes may be the underlying disease that is causing a person to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, decreased feeling in legs or feet and poorly healing wounds.

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Which is more important: treat the symptoms of a disease or treat the underlying cause

Edema is a sign of an underlying problem, rather than a disease unto itself

Crohn's disease is a chronic disorder. While the symptoms can be improved, a patient will not be completely cured of the underlying disease.

Microbes such as Bacteria & Viruses entering the bloodstream

the underlying cause is the main reason or motive for an action or event

Arrhythmia in itself is not necessarily a disease, however, its usually an indication of an underlying problem which causes the arrhythmia.

Degeneration of joint cartilage and the underlying bone, most common from middle age onward. Its basically a joint disease.

A symptom of an underlying medical condition.

Usually fever is more of a symptom of an underlying disease or infection.

The prognosis for dementia depends on the underlying disease. On average, people with Alzheimer's disease live eight years past their diagnosis,

fundamental, underlying assumptions

menorrhagia is actually a symptom of an underlying condition rather than a disease itself.

Macrocytosis is the term given for the condition of having larger blood cells than normal. It is not a disease but can be the symptom of a number of underlying medical conditions.

A MRI of the brain is used to find these conditions. You will not know the underlying issue until the procedure is completed and reviewed.

what does it mean when the mortgage company says they must read the underlying of the mortgage? I do not quit understand what that means.

Primary hypertension is hypertension or high blood pressure diagnosed without any other underlying disease that might have caused it. Secondary hypertension is due to another underlying disease causing the high blood pressure.

well it depends what disease but any influences would be heart conditions,, being pregnant or and underlying diseases that run in your family.

It may mean an underlying cyst or tumor.

The condition is called Hypotonia. Hypotonia is an indicator of an underlying disease or problem.

The prognosis for patients with valvular heart disease varies depending on the underlying cause, age and health of the patient, and the degree of valvular damage or involvement.

It is not known what causes the onset of Raynaud's disease. Though it can be hereditary, often the disease is much milder in offspring. The illness occurs spontaneously, often in childhood or adolescence, without any underlying cause.

I believe that you mean Erythema Nodosum. It is described as: A tender, red, nodular rash on the shins that usually arises in conjunction with other illnesses, such as streptococcal, fungal, or tubercular infection. Also may occur with inflammatory bowel disease, occult cancer, or sarcoidosis. Because it's usually associated with a serious disease, a diagnostic search for the underlying cause is normally done. Sometimes though, NO underlying cause is found.

The word Underlying means "underneath" of "beneath". An underlying medical condition often refers to a condition that may or may not be hidden by something more obvious, and may or may not be present with another medical condition. Underlying Medical Conditions often contribute to another symptom or disease. Many underlying medical conditions may also be considered co-morbidities (co-diseases). Examples of underlying medical conditions include: Obesity Compromised immune system Diabetes Malabsorption

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