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To "vacate" something in legal terms means to make it null and void it or set it aside. See:

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2009-03-29 21:23:21
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Q: What does vacate mean in Arizona courts?
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How long do you have to vacate your home after foreclosure in Arizona?

30 days

How many superior courts does Arizona have?

Arizona has 41 Superior Courts spread across its 15 counties. Maricopa County has the most at 10. For more information on the Arizona state court system, including a directory of superior, justice and municipal courts, visit the Arizona Courts Guide related link.

What is the busiest courts in Arizona the supreme court the superior court or the appellate courts?

Appellate courts

Does unass mean?

To leave or vacate quickly.

What does motion to vacate foreclosure sale mean?

Motion to vacate sale means cancelling the order that confirms the sale of the foreclosed property. The word "vacate" means cancel in this case.

What does to vacate an order mean?

It means to rescind or cancel it.

What courts does Arizona have?

The Arizona court system has four types of courts - Superior, Justice, Municipal, and the Arizona Tax Court. The Arizona Tax Court handles certain cases regarding state and local taxes. The Tax Court operates out of Maricopa County and hears cases for the whole state. Each county in Arizona has a mix of Superior, Justice and Municipal Courts. Superior Courts have general jurisdiction, but usually handle cases beyond the jurisdiction of lower courts. The jurisdiction between Municipal Courts (sometimes known as Magistrate Courts) and Justice Courts overlaps in certain criminal cases. Both hear cases regarding violations of state law that occur within the municipality. Justice Courts hear small civil cases, including small claims cases. There are also Tribal Courts in Arizona, but these operate separately from the state court system, though Tribal Court decisions may be enforced by state courts. For more information on the Arizona Court System, including detailed descriptions of each type of court, a directory of Arizona Courts, and online court resources, visit the Arizona Courts Guide related link.

What does vacate the premises mean?

Leave the house/flat/etc.

What three courts are established in the Arizona Constitution?

* The Arizona Supreme Court * The Arizona Court of Appeals * The Superior Court of each county.

What are three levels of the Arizona state judicial systemncourt system?

The Congress of the United States originally established the Arizona territorial courts in the Organic Act of 1863. They organized the courts on three levels. They were justice of the peace courts, probate and district courts, and a supreme court. The district courts made up the main judicial body and tried the majority of cases. The transition from territorial to state status was smooth for the Arizona Courts. The state provided immediate judicial courts with the JP courts, superior courts, a supreme court and a federal district court.

What does vacate mean?

To vacate is to make something vacant or empty. If you are inside it, this means you must leave; if your property is inside it, you must remove it completely. An order to vacate an area means that everyone must leave it, so as to make it empty.

What is to vacate?

Vacate means to leave. An example of vacate would be that when a lease on an apartment is up, you can either choose to renew your lease or vacate the premises.

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