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  • Vacate means to do away with. In court a judgment becomes final when the case is over and a judge has signed a piece of paper. The judgment is then effective until it is satisfied (by payment, or by doing whatever the judgment says) or until the judge has a legal reason to set the judgment aside. For instance if an appeal is filed, and some other judge says the first judge was mistaken, the second judge will vacate (put in suspense) the judgment. The judgment does not then have to be obeyed at that time. A court of appeals can reverse a case and change the judgment, or reverse the case and vacate the judgment (everybody starts over and you retry the case until you get a new judgment)
  • In the UK there is a phrase known as "set aside judgment". This phrase normally describes a procedure by which judgment has been granted to a Claimant because no Defence has been filed within a prescribed time period. If however, there was good reason for this - such as the Claim was not properly served then the Defendant can apply to "set aside judgment" and if this application is granted the Defendant can enter a Defence.
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It means that the judgment is no longer in force or effect just as i f it had n ever been entered to begin with.

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Q: What does vacate the judgment mean?
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What does vacate a judgment mean?

It means to set it aside as if it were never gotten or entered.

What does a motion to vacate a decree mean?

If you were sued and lost because you did not appear in court, you can file a Notice of Motion to Vacate Judgment. By filing this motion, you are asking the court to cancel the judgment entered against you and to give you a new trial.

Does Motion to vacate judgment means the entire judgment can't be appeal or just the vacated issue?

Unless the judgment is worded to specificallyexclude certain privisions and/or specifically include certain others, just a general motion to vacate refers to the ENTIRE judgment.

How do i vacate a judgment to unfreeze my bank account?

You need a lawyer.

How many days after a judgment of revoking guardianship do i have to file for a motion to vacate?

Massachusetts law on time frame to file a motion to vacate

What does vacate mean?

To vacate is to make something vacant or empty. If you are inside it, this means you must leave; if your property is inside it, you must remove it completely. An order to vacate an area means that everyone must leave it, so as to make it empty.

How many daysto file Motion To Vacate Default Judgment?


How do you remove a judgment from your credit report that is not valid?

File a motion to vacate based on that fact. After the judgment is entered there is a SOL for filing that motion.

What does motion to vacate mean?

A motion filed with the court seeking to set aside a previously rendered decision or judgment entry. It seeks to undo something that was already ruled on in a court case.

Does unass mean?

To leave or vacate quickly.

What does vacate mean in Arizona courts?

To "vacate" something in legal terms means to make it null and void it or set it aside. See:

Can you vacate a judgment in California if you received bad legal advice not to fight the suit?

Only the court can 'vacate' a judgement. However if you feel that your argument of relying on inept counsel is persuasive, you may file an appeal of the ruling.

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