What does vague mean arshid?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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Ambiguious, unclear, not clear.

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Q: What does vague mean arshid?
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What does litterly mean?

when you say for example "this is litterly vague" then you mean "this (in the very meaning of the word) is vague

What does vague satisfaction mean?

The sense of achievement which was not clear

Does partial mean vague?

Not exactly. Partial means part way; it means slightly or partly. Vague means to be unclear or uncertain.

When atoms are organized in repeating pattern's they generally make a?

That's kind of vague, but I'm thinking you mean a crystal.

What are the functions performed by carrier in radio communication?

THE FUNCTIONS ARE ; 1>in modulation process. 2>in inserting pilot carrier. ans. by arshid bhat kash....................

Who is the hardest actor in the world?

Your question is very vague. What do you mean by hard?

Who is the best dancer not in the US?

The answer is quite vague, do you mean in opinion or by popularity?

What does too vague mean?

"too vague" means not precise enough-- too unclear to be useful. The phrase suggests a idea or proposal that is missing important details.

What is the definition for the word vague?

Vague is French for ocean wave, from the Latin vagusmeaning 'wandering'. Insofar as any individual wave is indistinct, changeable and transient, vague has come to mean poorly defined, indefinite and incompletely known or understood.

Why was there a discrepancy in the frank family?

This question is too vague to answer as asked. What discrepancy do you mean?

What do you mean by computer designing?

That question is very vague so I dont know if you will get an answer.

What do the numbers on the side of the periodic table mean?

The question is vague, but they're probably the periods.