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the direction of motion

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Q: What does velocity take into account that speed does not?
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How is speed different than velocity?

Speed does not have the direction associated with it, like velocity does.

Is feet per second the same thing as velocity?

Feet per second is a unit of velocity, but not necessarily the same thing. Velocity could be in meters per hour or feet per second could be a measure of speed, which does not take direction into account, as velocity does.

In velocity do you put the direction?

Yes, always. Velocity is a vector, meaning it has both a magnitude and a direction. You must account for the direction. Speed is the magnitude of velocity and has no direction.

Can there be acceleration in the body even when the body is not speeding up or slowing down?

Yes. Acceleration is change in velocity. Velocity is either change in speed or change in direction. If you fix the speed, change in direction can account for change in velocity, i.e. acceleration.

The main difference between speed and velocity?

The main difference between speed and velocity involves direction. Velocity involves an object moving in a particular direction.

Why do you we that velicity is a vector and speed is not?

because speed only takes in account the factors Distance and Time. Velocity takes in account a direction in physical space in addition, which makes the latter a vector.

How can you measure when an object has reached terminal velocity?

the terminal velocity is the total speed that its take an object to reach the point it required from the initial velocity

What is the biggest difference between speed and velocity?

velocity is speed with direction; velocity is a vector and speed is a scalar

What is speed in a given direction is called?

Speed in a given direction is velocity.

Diffetiate speed and velocity?

Speed has no direction, velocity does.

Is velocity the speed of a wave?

Velocity and speed are not synonyms.

Are speed and velocity different?

SPEED has the speed only; while VELOCITY has the direction and the speed.