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It's an ablative absolute construction. Literally 'with the words having been heard,' although you could translate it 'after the words were heard.'

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Q: What does verbis auditis mean?
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What is 'Gesta verbis praeveniant' when translated from Latin to English?

Gesta verbis praeveniant! in Latin is "May actions surpass words!" in English.

What is Latin for you hear?

Audis (speaking to one person) or auditis(speaking to more than one)

How do you say hear in Latin?

Singular Plural audio audimus audis auditis audit audunt

A verbis ad verbera cede nullis?

Cede Nullis means, "Yield to none".

What is Southwood Boys' Grammar School's motto?

Southwood Boys' Grammar School's motto is 'Factis Non Verbis'.

What is the meaning of factus non verbis?

"Factus non verbis" is a Latin phrase that means "deeds, not words." It emphasizes the importance of actions over words and the idea that actions speak louder than words. It suggests that one's actions should align with their words to show true intentions and credibility.

What is Miami High School's motto?

"Magna est veritas." In English it means "Great is the truth."

Ut nihil non iisdem verbis redderetur auditum?

"Ut nihil non usdem verbis redderetur auditum." "Everything that (he) had heard (he) could repeat it with the same words." the proper translation of the Latin expression used by Borges is a double negative giving the meaning of the expression a positive sense.

What is the verb for this sentence - He suffered an injury to his knee and this is causing him pain and discomfort.?

This is a compound sentence with two verbs. The verb in the first independent clause is 'suffered.' The verb in the second independent clause is 'is causing.'

What is the motto of Tintern Schools?

Webber Independent School's motto is 'Achieving Excellence Together'.

What is 'verbis' when translated from Latin to English?

"By words" and "to (the) words" are two English equivalents of the Latin word verbīs. Context makes clear whether the ablative case as object of the preposition (case 1) or the dative case as indirect object (example 2) suits. The pronunciation will be "wer-BEES" in Church and classical Latin.

What is the relationship between a noun and a verb?

A noun is a word that represents a person, place, thing, or idea, while a verb is a word that expresses action, occurrence, or a state of being. In a sentence, the noun typically performs the action described by the verb. For example, in the sentence "The dog barks," "dog" is the noun and "barks" is the verb.