Is inspire a verb noun adj or adv?


Is cute a verb a adj or a noun?

Cute is an adjective.

What is the noun adjective verb in the workers had to rebuild the bridge?

Noun: workers Adj: the bridge Verb: rebuild

Is gave a verb adj noun adv?

"Gave" is a verb. "A" is an adjective. "Verb" is a noun. "Adv" could stand for an adverb, which modifies verbs.

What is a describing word?

it is a adj. it describes a noun like the noun is dog the adj. is playfulness While an adjective describes a noun (the DOG is PLAYFUL), an adverb describes a verb (the dog BARKED PLAYFULLY).

Is after a adj or adv?

"After" can function as both a preposition (followed by a noun or pronoun) and an adverb (modifying a verb).

What part of speech is story?

"Story" can be a noun or a verb.

What are the parts of speech for think?

thought = noun; thoughtful = adj; thoughtless= adj, thinking = adj, thinker = noun.

An objective compliment is an additional compliment that may follow what?

a noun, adj. or pronoun that serves as a complement to the verb. OC

Is successful the verb form of success?

success is a noun, but it also has adjectival, adverbial and verb forms: successful (adj), successfully (adv) and succeed (v).

What does naif mean?

Naive or ingenuous (adj) - a naive or ingenuous person (noun)

Is seed and adverb or and adj or noun or verb?

The word seed is a noun, a verb, and an adjective (not an adverb). Example uses: Noun: The seed I wanted is on sale at the nursery. Verb: The conditions are perfect to seed the garden today. Adjective: The university is providing the seed money to start the research.