What does wae mean in Korean?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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It means "Why?"

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Q: What does wae mean in Korean?
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What is why in Korean?


What is the meaning of 'wae geurae' it is in Korean can anyone translate it?

왜구래 (Wae-gu-rae) means 'why so serious' in Korean.

Why in Korean?

왜 wae

How do you say WHY in Korean?

you say wae yo? (formal) wae? (informal) Why= 왜

How do you say Korean language in Korean language?

wae 왜

What does wae wae mean?

It means "Why?"

How to say Why it is like this in Korean language?

weh ee long goh ya? *There are different meanings to this phrase, and there are many different ways to say "why is it like this".

What does wae wae puku ringa ringa mean in English?

"Wae wae puku ringa ringa" is a Maori phrase that translates to "legs stomach arms arms" in English. It is often used to teach body part names in the Maori language.

Do you noe dae wae?

I know Dae wae bruda

What store is the Samsung Star sold at?

The Samsung Star is a mobile phone manufactured by South Korean company Samsung. It is available to purchase from many stores including Play, Prepay Mania and WAE+.

What does corrine mean is Korean?

Corrine has no meaning in Korean. Only Korean names have meaning in Korean.

How do you say why do you make things hard for myself in Korean?

왜 사물을 날 위해 어렵게 만들? wae sa-mul-eul nal wi-hae eo-ryeob-ge man-deul?