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If I'm not mistaken, I think it's "Is it a lie that I'm like you?"

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Q: What does watashi wa anata no yona ka uso mean?
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What does Anata no watashi mean in English?

"Anata no" = your "watashi" = me "Anata no watashi" is most likely to be said when someone is referring to the listener's perception of themself (the speaker). If I said "Anata no watashi WA uso desu", this would mean "You're perception of me is a lie." (or "I'm not really who you think I am.") "uso" = lie

What does anata uso dayo mean?

It means: "you're lying"/"you're a liar"

What is '' im not lying'' in Japanese?

'Watashi WA uso wo tsuite imasen' would mean 'I am not lying.' Omitting 'watashi WA' (: I) is better, yet optional.

I don't believe you in Japanese?

If you mean literally "I don't believe you" it would be わたしはあなたを信じない (watashi WA anata wo shinjinai) If you want to put stress on the you, it would be あなたなんか信じない (anata nanka shinjinai) If you say it that way, it's kind of like inferring that there is someone else that you do believe. If you want it to be more like "no way!" there are 3 ways, but they all mean the same thing. Uso (うそ) Uso da (うそだ) Uso dayo (うそだよ) I hope I helped~

What does the Samoan word 'uso' mean?

If you mean "uso", it's the same word for brother or sister.

What does uso mean in spanish?


What does the acronym USO mean?

The acronym USO stands for United Service Organizations. It refers to "USO shows" which are entertaining performances done by celebrities for the United States' military.

What does the spanish word uso mean?

use as in I use

What does uso de mi bebe numero mean?

Using my baby number.

When was USO created?

USO Mondeville was created in 1971.

When was the USO created?

USO Mondeville was created in 1971.

What does de pomada Uso cutaneo mean?

Cream for external use, to be used on the skin