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In a conventional household, water from a kitchen or bathroom sink flows down a drain. This drain leads to a storage compartment that is periodically emptied.

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Q: What does water run down?
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Do water and streams run up hill or down hill?

i believe that streams don't run up or down. it has something to do with the gravity and wind altitude.. ?

How does water runoff after precipitation?

Water run off to water bodies. A part of it seeps down through soil.

Can you choke on water?

You probably can't choke on water, because it is a liquid and will run right down your throat. But if you have something hard in your throat, you might choke on that! The water might run down the wrong pipe and make you cough. That is basically all the discomfort that water can cause to you. Water, or any fluid going down "the wrong pipe" goes into your lungs and can cause aspiration pneumonia.

Should a hot water heater run in the night?

Yes. A hot water heater will heat your water to a desired temperature (adjustable dial on the water heater itself) then when it cools down it will fire up and reheat the water. it doesn't 'have' to run at night. you could turn it down to its lowest setting (which it'll still run) and save energy. but you will have to turn it up in the morning and wait for it to heat your water for your morning shower.

Should cups touch the dish tray that collects water The tray's edges are at an angle so water can run down it.?


How long to let the eggs cool down?

If you run some cold water over the eggs (put the eggs in a colander, so the water can drain as you run it) they will cool off in about 30 seconds.

Why were hanging gardens of Babylon created?

So you dont have to water your gardon every single day and it , makes all the water run down.

How do you dispose hydrochloric acid?

Pour it down the drain and then run water over. Make sure that it is diluted.

A force that slows hurricanes down on land?

there is none but there is less water vapor so they run out of fuel

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No Iguana's canot run on water some mistake it for the Chinese water dragon wich can run on water

What happens if you do not save water?

there is a point, if you keep digging down, called the aquifer. it is the layer of the crust where water is stored. If our wells use too much water, the aquifer will drain and we will run out of water.

Which way does the water run in Australia?

In Australia the water and vines go to the lest. so basically the water does down the drain to the left. also the vines go to the lest too.

Why do you never run out of water?

We never run out of water, because of the water cycle.

Is it okay to bathe a day after an epidural?

Yes. Just stand in the shower, and let the water run down your back.

Were does the water in streams and rivers come from?

The water comes from mountains that have snow on them that is melting or if there is a lot of rainfall it will run down the mountains and hills into the streams ir rivers.

What does run off mean?

Run off is where, say you lived on a farm and you have a little steep hill that leads to a pond. If you watered your plants some of the water you used would 'run off' down the hill and into the pond.

Can Iguana iguana run?

No Iguana's canot run on water some mistake it for the Chinese water dragon wich can run on water

How do you dilute bacon grease?

what you do when you have bacon grease is while it is still aliquidity. (not a solid put the grease in a metal mixing bowl and run it under some hot water. let the grease and the water mix for a little bit and then pour it down the drain while the hot water is running. after all the grease is down the drain. let the HOT water run for 1 minuet. that's how you delude bacon grease and get it down the drain without clogging your sink.

How do you get ride of water weight?


When will the earth run out of water?

The question should be "Will the Earth run out of water?".

How do you mold a mouthguard?

you run the mouth gaurd under hot water the bite down hard on the mouth gaurd and it will be molded.

How do you get riolu in white or black?

Go to challengers cave and go down the stairs go over the water and you will run into a riolu

Will water lines run through pipes undeground freeze easily?

That depends on your locality and how far down strata freezes.

How can an aquifier be recharged naturally after a drought?

Other parts of land that isn't having a drought, water soaks into the ground and if its on a hill then the water will run down it and fill up the water table that are dry.

Why should you run cold water down the drain after the dirty water?

Well the main reason they say is to take the dirty sediment out of the pipes by flushing it. There is a article below on this called Dirty Water.