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water usally symbolizes love..or the desire for love..

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Q: What does water symbolize in romantic artwork?
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How many red roses should you give your Girlfriend?

One- if you want to be romantic like in movies. Two if you want to be really romantic- two will symbolize you and her

What does 18 roses symbolize?

To a certain extent it depends on the colour of the roses. Mostly it means you are an incredible romantic.

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What does a rose tattoo symbolize?

Roses often symbolize romantic love, but it's different for everybody. Some people might have personal story behind it or it could just be random... they like roses.

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What does a lake symbolize?

a lake could symbolize as life because it's a body of water and water symbolizes life but it depends on the context.

What does water symbolize in Japanese tattoos?

Water symbolizes LIFE. ----

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What do water and cloud tattoos symbolize?

For many people clouds symbolize freedom, while looking at the sky

What does water symbolize in confirmation?

Water can symbolize many things such as rebirth, cleansing of ones sins, or even life itself because there is no civilization without water, it is very essential to life.

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Several things symbolize "bold": the color brown, the iris flower, the pine tree, the Romantic Movement in literature, the leopard and the Vikings