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Q: What does you are not the suitable medium mean?
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What is suitable alternative word for medium?

Moderate or medium would be suitable.

What is a liquid or solid that is suitable for growing cells?

a medium

How are conditions made suitable for enzymes?

Optimum temperature and pH medium make suitable conditions for enzymatic reactions.

When dissolved in a suitable medium this forms electrically charged particles?


The matter which you wave travels is called the?

The medium would be a suitable term.

How do you detect acid and gas production using solid medium?

By using pour-plate method with the suitable growth medium.

What is the most suitable storage medium for storing an encyclopedia?


What is the composition of eagle's medium?

Eagle's medium is a cell culture medium developed by Harry Eagle. It is comprised of amino acids, salts, vitamins and glucose. It is suitable for the cells in most animals.

Why nitsch media is used for anther culture?

This medium is suitable for production of haploid plants.

What does medium-boned mean?

medium bones

How can you select thermophilic strain?

grow them in a suitable medium at 55 degree centigrade for general thermophiles

Can medium density fiberboard be used as a shelf?

Yes, MDF is suitable for most kinds of shelving.