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What does your girlfriend mean by break?


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She wants to break up with you

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No, if she was, they'd break up.

Not until you break up with the girlfriend because there are ways she can find out and she then can call you a cheater!!!!!!!!!!

doesn't this mean you breakup with her it she wants a "break"? or she wants some time by herself.

He is messed up... or he is a jerk either way, for saying he loves you and has a girlfriend... Make him break up with his girlfriend first... tell me how this works out No. tell his girlfriend what he has said. don't tell him to break up with his girlfriend, thats wrong

say "son break up with your girlfriend".

It could possibly mean that she is going to break up with you or u disagree on something

It means he was just using you to get a break from his girlfriend. I know that for a fact because that just happened to me.

it means he likes you lol. i wouldn't go out with him because if he would do that for his girlfriend now he would do it to you.

you go up to the guy and tell him you dont mean this in a bad way but you think that his girlfriend is no good for him

It means that although he cares about his girlfriend, he loves you more than her and would rather be with you than her

it means that he is either bored of his girlfriend and wants to break up with her but cant tell her, or his girlfriend did something to tick him off so he is cheating on her.

she wants to break up with you!! but shes trying to ease it in

Generally, this means that said boyfriend does not want to be with the girlfriend. If this is you, then maybe you should break up with your boyfriend.

Well wait for him to break up with his girlfriend but don't be the one to break it up.

it means she neesd a break or she isn't into you anymore like she was

she wants to know if your going to break up with her or if your just happy

Yes he probably does, but be careful, if he leaves his present girlfriend and ends up with you, you are the one that will get blamed for the "Break up"

if you have a dream about your girlfriend being angry at you it means that you will probably be probed by exotic alien species that are gay and your girlfriend is the leader. If your girlfriend is angry at you break up with her and stay away from exotic aliens.

It means...he's a flirt! Be careful of guys like that, they can break your heart.

It means 1.He going to break up with his girlfriend.2.He is a cheater.2.He just wants to get to kno u better so if it doesn't work out with his current girlfriend.

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