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Su* / tu / vuestra bisabuela.

*Used for both "usted" and "ustedes"

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Q: What does your granmas mum mean in spanish?
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What does mum mean in Spanish?

Informal for 'mother' - mama, mamita'mum!' - silencio!

The word Mum in Spanish put the word mum into Spanish?

mum - madre dad - padre step-dad - padrastro step-mum - madrastra sister - hermanas brothers - hermanos my - mi

What does the word mum mean?

It just mean mum

How do you say mum in Spanish quickly?


What does mi profesor de español mean?

It means what is the name of the Spanish teacher

What is a sentence using the word spanish?

I have to go to a spanish class tommorow. For dinner mum is cooking me spanish meals.

What does keep mum mean?

"Mum" is another word for silent.

How do you say i love you mum in spanish?

Te amo mamá

How do you spell mum's in Spanish?

mums (as in mothers): madres mum's (indicates posession): el ____<object>___ de la madre

Is there happy granmas day or not?

No because that would be covered by Mother's Day. Your mom can take care of Grandma.

How do you say your mum is Spanish?

como viejo es tu madre

Can you cook mamee monster noodles?

yeah u can add some your granmas raisins and ur good to go