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to be announced

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Q: What dose TBA mean in college courses?
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What does TBA day mean?

To Be Announced

What does The word TBA Mean on Facebook?

To Be Announced

What does TBA mean on a class schedule?

TBA stands for "To Be Announced" on a class schedule, indicating that specific details such as the instructor, room location, or time for that class have not been determined yet. Students should check back later for updates on these details.

What does medical abbreviation TBA mean?

trabecular bone area

What is the results of WrestleMania 25?

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA World Heavyweight Championship: TBA vs. TBA WWE Championship: TBA vs. TBA stuffing face weirdo heads lol.

What does TBA mean for Pokemon?

TBA means "To Be Announced." It's probably in reference to a release date, which indicates that something will be released, but the exact release date hasn't be announced.

What location is called TBA?

TBA means "to be announced"

How much is the infinity 2010?

2010 Infinity EX35MSRP:$33,800 - 37,400Invoice:$tba - tba2010 Infinity FX35MSRP:$42,400 - 43,850Invoice:$tba - tba2010 Infinity FX50MSRP:$58,400 - 58,400Invoice:$tba - tba2010 Infinity G37MSRP:$33,250 - 38,700Invoice:$tba - tba2010 Infinity M35MSRP:$45,800 - 47,950Invoice:$tba - tba2010 Infinity M45MSRP:$52,150 - 54,650Invoice:$tba - tba2010 Infinity QX56MSRP:$56,050 - 59,150Invoice:$tba - tba

When is Free Rider 3 coming out and what is tba?

I have no idea when its coming out, but 'tba' means "to be added" but is more often used to mean "to be announced" Its coming out 30th of april 2012 or the 30th of june

What is the 2010-2011 Arkansas razorback football schedule?

The Arkansas football schedule has not been totally finalized, but here is what we have: OpponentSat. 09/04/10Time TBA TBASat. 09/11/10Time TBA TBASat. 09/18/10Time TBA at GeorgiaSat. 09/25/10Time TBA AlabamaSat. 10/02/10Time TBA TBASat. 10/09/10Time TBA Texas A&M 1Sat. 10/16/10Time TBA at AuburnSat. 10/23/10Time TBA Ole MissSat. 10/30/10Time TBA VanderbiltSat. 11/06/10Time TBA at South CarolinaSat. 11/13/10Time TBA TBASat. 11/20/10Time TBA at Mississippi StateSat. 11/27/10Time TBA LSU1 at Arlington, TX (Cowboys Stadium)

What does tickets on sale TBA mean?

"Tickets on sale TBA" means that the sale date for tickets has not yet been announced. This typically indicates that details about ticket sales, such as when they will be available or where to purchase them, will be provided at a later time.

Which country is Dongguan TBA Tower found?

Dongguan TBA Tower is a building found at Dongguan in China.