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A 9. That pregnent little child has ballooned.

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How old was jamielynn spears when she had her baby?


Is Jamielynn Spears Pregnant?

yes dont you read magazines or watch tv

What dress size is britany spears?

Size 8

What size of dress does Britney Spears wear?

Probably a size 4-6

What is Britney Spears favourite clothes?

a pink dress

Is jamielynn pregnant again?

possibly she has been having sexual activities

What is the average dress size for women?

Size 14 is the average dress size.

What is tyra banks dress size?

her dress size is 6

What dress size Lady Gaga?

she is a dress size two

What UK dress size is Rihanna?

Rihanna USA dress size is a 6 ,so her UK dress size is an 8

What is Britney Spears' size?

size 6

What size are Jamie Lynn Spears's feet?

Jamie Lynn Spears is a singer, actress, and sister of Britney Spears. Jamie Spears is said to wear size 7 shoes.

Which dress size is the most common dress size in the us?


How big is size 20 dress?

A size 20 dress is about 5'8"

What is us dress size equal to Egyptian dress size?

size 42 Egyptian to us ?

Is Britney Spears a Size 10?

No. US size 4.

What is a size 4 dress equivalent to UK dress sizes?

size 8 =)

Average dress size in South Africa?

In South Africa, the women's average dress size is size 14. In the United States, the average dress size for a woman is currently 12.

What size are Jamie Lynn Spears' feet?

size 8

What size pants does brittnay spears wear?

She wears a size 92.

What dress size is Jennifer Hudson?

Jennifer Hudson's dress size? why would you want to know that? but its size 6.

What is Kleinfelds biggest plus size dress?

The biggest dress size in most plus size stores is 32.

What dress size is Julia Louis dreyfus?

she is a size 4 in a dress thats what i heard

What dress size is 30 inch bust?

What dress size is for a thirty inch bust

What dress size is Judy garland's Wizard of oz dress?

She wears a size 2.