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What drugs are not safe to take with suboxone?

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cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines for the most part. you can still do marijuana and LSD with no worries.

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Is it safe to take ibupropfen with suboxone?


Is it safe to mix suboxone and flexeril?

Taking suboxone and flexeril is safe as long as you take the recommended dosage of each and don't take more than necessary.

Will you get sick if you take drugs while on suboxone?

No, but you will not get high from an opiate.

Is it safe to take amitriptyline with suboxone?

Yes, it is safe. My. Doctor perscibes this for me to sleep do to the fact that suboxone can cause insomnia. Low doses though

Is it safe to take alteril and suboxone?

Im prescribed suboxone and I had no bad effects from taking alteril to sleep

Is it safe to take lamictal and suboxone?

I have been taking lamictal and suboxone for 22days now and this is what was prescribed to me so as far as I know its safe, I have had no side effects.

Is it safe to Suboxone and Valium?

yes. Suboxone is an OPIATE blocker so to speak. Diazepam is a benzo...i take Valium to help with muscle spasms and still take Suboxone daily.

Is it safe to take vicodin and suboxone and advil together?

No you CANT take an opiate while taking suboxone. Taking the vicodin while on suboxone will send you into immediate w/d.

Can you take Zoloft with suboxone?

Yes. This is a safe drug combination.

Can you take Cymbalta with suboxone?

Yes. This is a safe drug combination.

Is loperamide safe to take while taking suboxone?


Will you get sick if using cocaine while on Suboxone?

No, you won't. You wouldn't even get sick if you took opiate drugs while on Suboxone (cocaine is not an opiate). What you can't do is the reverse -- take Suboxone while you're on opiate drugs. That will make you sick.

Why do you throw up after you take suboxone?

Suboxone is an opiate drug, and that's what happens when you take opiate drugs until you are addicted, when they become much easier to tolerate.

Is it safe to take suboxone with methadone?

No, you should not take these two medications together. Combining suboxone and methadone can result in instant withdrawals and severe sickness.

Can you take robaxin while taking suboxone?

It is safe to take Robaxin with Suboxone. However, it does make you a little noddy. It can you give a mild opiate high.

Can you take suboxone and Advil together?

Yes. This is a safe drug combination.

Is it safe to take suboxone and Valium?

yes i do And legaly prscribed both.

Is it safe to take suboxone with steroids?

There are many steroids and in order to properly answer this question, which steroid we are referring to is needed. Prednisone and suboxone

If your on suboxone and you take a methadone pill will you feel it?

Methadone and Suboxone should not be mixed together. The combination of these two drugs can result in instant withdrawals.

Will suboxone take away the withdrawal symptoms of heroin and keep you off the drug?

Yes, suboxone will take away the withdrawals and help to get off of heroin and other opiate drugs.

When is it safe to take suboxone?

It is safe when you are withdrawing from opites. Dont think you can take a suboxsone and 5 hours later you get some oxy and take it you will not get high.

Are generic drugs are safe to take?

there as safe as the brand names are

How long after you take oxycodone is it safe to take suboxone?

It depends on how you used it, but normally about 12-24 hours.

Does Suboxone have methadone in it?

No. Suboxone and methadone are two similar, but distinctly different, drugs.

Can you takE Ativan and suboxone in the same day?

Yes, you can take suboxone and ativan together. Suboxone does not block the effects of ativan. However, taking too much ativan with suboxone, could cause respiratory failure. So, to be safe, stick to the prescribed dosages of both medications.