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It is unsure when exactly the first usage of silk was. The oldest evidence of silk usage dates back to the Shang dynasty. It wasn't until the Han dynasty that the Silk Road was created, although.

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Silk was discovered by the wife of the Yellow Emperor around 2696 BC. The idea of silk first came when a silk cocoon fell in the Empresses tea cup.

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It came from the Liu Bang Dynasty. It was an acheivement to it's dynasty.

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The Shang Dynasty invented silk

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Han Dynasty

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Q: What dynasty in ancient china invented silk?
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What dynasty ruled in the 27th century BC in ancient china?


Why was silk invented?

I DONT EVEN KNOW ..........Ancient China

What dynasty was silk invented in?

Shang Dynasty

What ancient china dynasty discovered silk weaving?

Silk fabric was first developed in ancient China, with some of the earliest examples found as early as 3500 BC. Legend gives credit for developing silk to a Chinese empress, Lei Zu Since the Western Zhou Dynasty, Lei has been worshiped as the founding mother of China

Where was silk invented?

Silk was invented in China.

What are some of the best things in Ancient China?

Ancient China built the Great Wall of China. They also invented paper, gunpowder, printing, silk, and the compass

In what year was silk invented by the Ancient Chinese?

Silk is a natural fiber. It comes from a worm, so it can't be said to have been "invented".Chinese civilization goes back about five thousand years, to the Chin Dynasty (that's where our word "China" comes from) and the silk trade has been documented since the earliest days of written receipts.This user has false info, silk was invented during the

Which of the following is a fragile ceramic thought to have been invented in China?

porcelain. It was used frequently in ancient china. as well as silk

Which country invented silk?

The country that invented silk was China. Silk was invented by Yuen Fei, a mistress of the Emperor who ruled China at around 2400 B.C.E

The Silk Road stretched from China to?

The Silk Road, stretched from China to Xion. ps. Silk Road was built in ancient times/ancient China. Good luck

Who used silk?

the silk weaver . and she from ancient china

When was the silk road invented?

during the han dynasty