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Well both ear lobes or what ever side you want, the whole left right thing is long gone so don't worry about that. I have lots of very male clients who have both ears done. Now worries.

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โˆ™ 2009-11-10 08:09:31
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Q: What ear should a guy get pierced?
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Can a guy get his ear pierced?

Of course

Should you get your rook pierced on left or right ear I have my lobes pierced and 2 middle ear piercings on right ear?

AnswerYou should get your rook pierced on the left ear.

What ear should a guy have pierced?

I started with my left ear getting pierced & a few weeks later my right ear was pierced as well. This is completely up to you. I started with my left and then, soon, got my right pierced and have been slowly stretching them for 6 years now.

What does it mean when a guy gets both of his ears pierced or his right?

If a guy gets his right ear pierced it means he is somewhat gay. If both ears happen to be pierced then he is also gay. So be sure when a guy gets his ear pierced that he gets his left pierced.

What does it mean if a guy has his left ear pierced?

It means he's a guy who likes to wear an earring. A lot of guys get their left earlobes pierced; in some places it's about as common for a guy to have his left ear pierced as for girls to have their ears pierced--and most girls have pierced ears.

Which ear is the correct ear for males to get pierced?

The left ear should be the correct ear to be pierced. If you get your left ear pierced your not gay if you get your right you are gay but if you get both it means nothing.

Which ear should a guy get pierced?

Normally people say that the right ear is the gay ear. If you do not want to be judged as gay, do it in the left. If you don't care, the just do it in whatever.

Which ear should you get pierced if you are not gay?

The left side.

Should a guy get both ears pierced?

yes, typically it would be nicer to see a guy have both ears pierced. it looks a bit off balance when one is pierced. and remember this if you plan on getting one ear pierced - the left one is for straight guys, and right one is for gay guys. (its a silent rule)

What ear should a man get pierced?

The one you don't sleep in. It hurts to sleep on the side where you get it pierced.

Which ear should you get your tragus pierced?

It depends on which side you prefer. It doesn't matter which side you get pierced.

Does Justin Bieber have his ear pierced?

Yeaah..Justin has his ear pierced :)

Does Shaun White pro snowboarder have a pierced ear?

He does not have a pierced ear.

Does Ross Lynch have a pierced ear?

No. Ross Lynch does not have a pierced ear.

Does Miley have one or two pierced upper ears?

she does not have her upper ear pierced but she has her ear loobs pierced

Should a guy get both ears double pierced?

If you want to, sure. The "gay ear" trend is pretty much extinct and ruled as crap now.

Which ear do you pierce if your straight guy?

If you are getting your ear pierced then you arent exactly the straighest of guys.

Why is Morgan Freeman's ear pierced in the right ear?

Maybe he just wanted to get his right ear pierced....

Which ear is the correct ear for women to get pierced?

Whichever one you want pierced :)

Is it gay for a guy to get his cartilage pierced?

No I have plenty of male clients who have ear cartilage piercing and they are not gay.

Is it cool for a guy to get the top part of his ear pierced?

You shouldn't worry about what people think. If you want it, go for it :)

What ear does zayn have pierced?

It Is In the Right ear

How old do you have to be to get your ear pierced?

your ear pierced?!? ppl get their kids them when they are like less than a year...

Which ear should men pierce?

I have heard that strait people get left pierced.

What ear does boys get pierced?

Whichever one they want pierced. Don't listen to that crap about the "gay ear".