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What eats angler fish?


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October 25, 2017 9:26AM

An Angler Fish eats fish, srimps and crustaceans. There is a huge diffence between the female angler fish and the male. He eats smaller portions at younger age; because he is very small compare to the female.

The Female can grow up to 47 inches and the male only to 2.5 inches. Saying this when the male is grown enough, if he attached himself to the female by bitting her skin that will be HIS LAST BITE!

For that moment on he will mate forever with that Female and will depend on her for everything including nourishemnt(feed). Their bodies will become one and the only way that the male can feed is attaching himself to the female blood streamed; and this is for the rest of his life. He will lose all his organs including his eyes.

The angler fish male does not have a digest tube.