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Any large fish(sharks,whale,dolphin), Japanese,Humans,etc.

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Who eats a lion fish?

The grouper is one of the lion fish's predators, another is larger lion fish.

Which fish eats a lionfish?

Grouper and other Lion Fish.

What does the Australian sea lion eat?

it eats fish

Is a sea lion a producer or consumer?

It is a consumer. It eats fish.

What is an example of tertiary consumer?

An orca eats a seal which eats fish which eat plants.

What does a lionfish eat?

A lion fish eats crustaceans, banded coral shrimp, crabs, and small fish.

Benefits of being a marine biologist?

so no one eats a lion fish

What animals eat big fish?

a sea lion eats a whale there is one

What is an animal that eats animals that eats plants?

A lion eats a zebra, a zebra eats grass A shark eats fish that eats kelp People eat a cow a cow eats grass

What animal eats a Antarctic Ice Fish?

penguin, polar bear, sea lion......

Where on the food chain is the lion fish?

Any animal that eats fish (eg. a bear) will eat it. so the food chain kind of goes like this: sea water plants>lion fish>bear>wolves>huamns

What is an example of a zebra eats lion and lion eats zebra?


What eats the California sea lion?

what eats a california sea lion

Who eats the Okapi?

lion eats it

What is the food chain for a lion?

Antelope eats the grass and the lion eats the antelope.

What animals does a lion eat?

a lion eats any animal that eats grass or plants

What do Griffins eat?

A Griffin is mixed with both a lion and bird of prey, therefor it probably eats meats and fish.

What animals eat garibaldis?

Not many fish eat the garibaldi. The California Sea Lion eats it. I don't know how it eats it because the Garibaldi live about 100 feet under the water. Sharks eat my fish too, but what don't sharks eat? The California Moray Eel also eats this fish.

Examples of a food chain?

This should be fun! ant eats crumb, bird eats ant, snake eats bird, hawk eats snake, lion eats hawk, human eats lion. (This is just an example don't get worried about eating a lion!!!)

Example of food chain in grassland?

zebra eats grass lion eats zebra lion dies and vuture eats him

What omnivore does a lion eat?

a lion eats warthogs

What is a predator in a food chain?

something that can eat a consumer like a cougar like when a teacher eats kids and like when a fish gets eaten by a bear when a lion eats a deer

What eats a fish or what it eats?

Humans eat fish

What eats a frog fish?

What eats frog fish.

What eats blue gill fish?

what eats bluegill fish?