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Q: What education did the boys have what education did the elders want or the boys?
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How was the education for the Hopi Indians?

Respect to there elders and kindness and etc.

How did World War 2 affect US education?

what i want to know is how did World War 2 affect money for education and in Japan what did the boys do during the war

How was education of spartan boys different from the education of athenian boys?

Spartan boys were taught to fight, kick, spit, bite, scratch and get into fights with other boys. Athenian boys were learnt to be polite and to be civilised.

What is Confucism?

it is a religion in china that teaches to value education and to respect elders. it was made by confucism

What are two old traditions that remain influential in Asia?

Respect for elders and respect for education.

What are 1 kinds of Aztec schools?

There were no schools for them. Boys and girls learned from their elders what they needed to know.

How should you respect your elders?

by doing what they want we should do

Is girls' education the same as boys' education in North Korea?

Yes the same education for Boys & Girls refer wikipedia [MALE-99.5% , FEMALE-97.3% ]

What was Ferdinand Magellans education?

Young boys were messengers in the temples for education.

In what ways may the education provided for girls in different countries be less good than the education provided for boys?

As for girls they are not not provided with good education as compared to boys beacause parents dont want girls to be educated because if they would educate boys ,they would be able to carry on their bisuness.Other than this the infrastructure of schools of girls is poor and they are far distant.They aren't provided with transportation facilities.

What has the author John Whelen written?

John Whelen has written: 'Boys and their schooling' -- subject(s): Boys, Education, Men, Education and state, Identity, Sex differences in education

Did girls and boys had the same education opportunities?

Did girls and boys "had" the same education oppurunities...I don't understand your question. U need to work on Grammer...and also...What area on EARTH are you talking about? (Did girls and boys "had" the same education opportunities in________?)