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What education or training do you need to become a cop?


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you need to have a criminal justice degree to become a cop


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all you really need is to have a brain and be strong and pass the training then you can be a cop

In general, you'd need a law degree to be either a judge or a lawyer. You don't need any particular specific education to be a "cop". Perhaps you'd like to become a doctor, fireman and astronaut while you're at it?

Police officers need a GED or diploma from high school. They then need to complete the police academy to become a cop.

what college do you need to go to to become a cop

To become a police officer, there is no educational requirements other than having a high school diploma. Training is continuous throughout the hiring and career of an officer.

No, you apply and they will call you back and then you go to training.

you need to train animals and to try to stay emotionally controlled.

it requires atleast 2 to 3 years as a cop, there will also be several fitness test and high stress situations and weapons training. how ever you do not need a collage degree or highschool deploma to become a cop/swat however it will help in an interview.

Yes to be a cop in the U.S.A you must be a American citizen.

The cost depends of the school you go to for the training, so it can vary.

yes... and you have 2 go through a special training course

Actually many police stations require only that you receive your High School Diploma, and prefer an Associates degree (2 years of college). Some states also require police academy training, but the extensiveness of your education does not have to be very much in order to become a police officer. I would assume that animal cops have to receive extra training, to learn how to deal with certain situations without harming the animals.

Yes also it takes a long time to be a cop

There is a police academy which prospective officers attend when trying to become a cop. The school will fully train you and send you on necessary training to complete your dream.

I think that both are almost the same. Cop is a slang term to denote police. So, both cop training and police academy training both have the same meaning.

Yes you do. Its a minimum of 2 years post secondary education.

If you are referring to a valid driver's license - - Yes, you do.

To be an official cop, one must go through some basic training. The police academy is where much of that training takes place. The cop has to pass all classes satisfactorily and graduate from the academy. They are hired sometimes prior to finishing the academy and sometimes the department hiring them pays their way. Once they become a cop, they are assigned to a Field Training Officer who works with them for several weeks before they can be on their own as a police officer.

Yes you may. You will have to go through the training at the police academy. If you pass of course your a cop. But you must pass all the physical portions of the test.

It takes a lot of preparation to become a cop and a lot of testing and training along the way. There is a lot of basic training they must go through in the police academy.

No, other majors can become a cop. However, a criminal justice major learns a lot that would be beneficial on the job. No, other majors can become a cop. However, a criminal justice major learns a lot that would be beneficial on the job.

you got to go therw alot of stuff like running a mile in one minute

Yes, they test that along with your physical abilities.

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