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you have to be a good listener (: you have to be a good listener (:


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A rediactric nurse is a nurse to take care of children from 0-15

The only way to become a pediatric nurse is to obtain your four year degree in nursing. This is the only way to become a liegitamate pediatric nurse.

No you can be a pediatric nurse with an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Nursing.

Anyone can study to be a doctor/Pediatrician, and that incl a pediatric nurse. She has to study to be a doctor though.

Could be a pediatric or neonatal nurse.Could be a pediatric or neonatal nurse.Could be a pediatric or neonatal nurse.Could be a pediatric or neonatal nurse.Could be a pediatric or neonatal nurse.Could be a pediatric or neonatal nurse.

A degree in nursing (diploma, associate degree, or bachelors degree) and a desire to become a labor and delivery nurse.

You need to enroll and graduate from a college nursing program to become a pediatric nurse. Work experience in/around a hosptial would be helpful.

Pediatric nurses must first complete nursing program either at a college, hospital, or university and earn an associate's or bachelor's degree. To become a pediatric nurse one also has to pass an exam to become a registered nurse. They can then apply for positions in pediatric offices and hospitals.

A Pediatric nurse specializes in the care of children.

How much does a pediatric nurse make? a pediatric nurse makes $19.51-$26.11 an hour

To be a Pediatric Nurse you are required to take at least 2 years of general pediatric training. After that you are ready to get a job as a Pediatric Nurse.

a pediatric nurse involves a nurse who cares for children

A focus on total health of a child has become the extended and expanded role of a pediatric nurse. Pediatric nurses diagnose and treat conditions in children and promote disease prevention.

what do a pediatric nurse do on the daily bases?

what are the courses to study to be a pediatric nurse

Four years to become a BS/RN and an additional year for the pediatric specialty.

"What physical traits do i need for a pediatric nurse?"

Well i started my job as a pediatric nurse when i was about 20

Interview a pediatric nurse and find out. Don't be so lazy.

to become a pediatrician you have to have 11 to 12 years of college.

a pediatric nurse makes about 40,000 a year

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