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If an object is stationary the net force is zero.

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What is a stationary force?

A stationary force is when an object will not move.

What effect do forces have on a stationary object?

An unbalanced force imparts an acceleration to a stationary object. The equation is f (force in newtons) = m (mass in kilograms) times a (acceleration in newtons per kilogram).

What is the force that causes stationary object?

Frictional force is a retarding force.It is friction that causes an object to become stationary.

What effect do balanced forces have on stationary objects?

None. There is no effect on a stationary object.

Force acting on stationary object?

The forces acting on a stationary object are:PushPullGravity

If an object is stationary the forces acting upon it are?

If an object is stationary on a surface then the forces acting on it are the Gravitational force and the Normal force(the force of the surface pushing back against the object). Technically you could be pulling(or pushing) that object from opposite directions with equal forces and it would remain stationary. The important thing to understand is that a stationary object remains stationary so long as the net forces applied to it equal zero.

Are forces balanced if an object is stationary?

Yes. A stationary object has a net force of zero acting on it as long as it is stationary, which means the forces acting on it are balanced.

What does force have to do with motion?

A stationary object will not move unless a force is applied to it.

What effect do balanced forces have on A stationary object?

A group of forces that is balanced ... that is, forces whose vector sum is zero ... has no effect on the motion of an object, whether the object is stationary or in motion. However, they may crush the object.

What happens when the net force on an object is zero?

Then the object will not accelerate (if it is stationary, then it will remain stationary, if it is already moving it will continue to move at the same velocity until a force begins to act on it).

What are 5 effects of force on the objects?

When a force acts on an object, it can result in three possible effects - acceleration, deceleration, or balance (no impact).The effect of the force can change the following things:size,shape,stationary state,speed anddirection of the object.

How does the net force on an object determine the motion of the object?

If there is a net force of 0 acting on an object then the object is either stationary or moving at a constant velocity. If the net force is not zero the object will accelerate in the direction of the net force.

As the pull on a stationary object increases the force of static friction remains constant?

No. In order for an object to remain stationary, the forces on it must be balanced. If the pull on the object increases, the force of static friction must also increase.

What is the effect of balanced force to object whose at rest?

A balanced force has no effect on any object.

What is the friction that hinders a stationary object from moving on a surface when a force is applied to that object?

Static friction. The frictional force is greater then the force applied, meaning the object can't move.

If the net force on an object is zero then the object is?

Not accelerating. It could be stationary or moving at a constant speed.

What are the result of force in the stationary object?

A force, F, applied to a mass, m, will start to accelerate at the rate F/m. If the mass was stationary prior to the force, it will start moving in the direction of the force.

How does an object change with gravity?

An object with mass will be accelerated by a gravitational force.If the object were (relatively) stationary, but the gravitational force changed, then the apparent weight would change.

Is velocity a force?

Nope. A force is an influence tending to change the motion of an object or produce motion in a stationary object. In other words, force changes velocity.

Does an object that has balanced forces or no force acting on it must be stationary?

No. An object that has no net force on it will simply not be accelerating. It can be in motion, but it can not have any change in its velocity.

Can a force act to cause an object at rest to move?

An example of force being used to move a stationary object is when you push a door open.

What happens when a force acts upon an object which is at rest?

The object accelerates, At rest simply means its stationary.

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