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it brought poor people to the south, such as freed slaves,to work and sharecrop, with rich landowners, so they could earn money.

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What was the main effect of the systems of sharecropping and debt peonage put in place in the South after the Civil War?

The main effect of the systems of sharecropping and debt peonage was that the African Americans were prevent from leaving the plantation that they were enslaved. The consequence to debt peonage is that the African Americans left the South and migrated to the North and West.

Who had control of land and labor in the south?


Is sharecropping illegal?

Sharecropping is not an illegal enterprise unless one side has to much authority to change the agreement. In the Old South, the practice of sharecropping was inherently unfair.

How did sharecropping replace the plantation system in the south?

you tell me!

Which is true about sharecropping as a way of life in the South?

continued after 1960s

Who started sharecropping?

Free black Slaves in the south after the civil war

What new systems of labor developed in the south after the civil war?


What was The kind of farming developed in the south at the end of the civil war was?


Sharecropping evolved in the South?

Yes. It is still around but it is much less harsh.

What was a resolution to the economic problems plaguing the recently freed slaves of the South?


What economic effects did sharecropping have?

The major effect that sharecropping had was enriching the landowners. Sharecroppers themselves rarely made more than the barest of profits and often did not make enough to subsist.

What caused an end to sharecropping in many regions of the south?

the invention of cotton picking machines

Which systems were developed in the South to make farming the land profitable again?

Tenant and Sharecropping

Which event caused the end of sharecropping in many regions of the South?

The invention of cotton picking machines.

What is a antonym for sharecropping?

There is no antonym for sharecropping as far as I know.

How do you use sharecropping in a sentence?

The families lived on sharecropping land

What systems replaced the plantation system in th south?

Sharecropping and Tenant farming were two systems that replaced the plantation system in the south after the Civil War.

What new system of labor developed in south after the civil war?

Sharecropping, which effectively tied people to the land they worked on

Who did sharecropping affect?

sharecropping affected African Americans and poor whites.

Use the word sharecropping in a sentence?

Cesar had done sharecropping with his neighbor's.

When did sharecropping start?

sharecropping started in the 1960's- 1970 just because

What were the key changes in the south during reconstruction?

13 14 15 amendments Sharecropping All the states back into the US

Who did sharecropping benefit?

Sharecropping benefited both the workers and the owners. Sharecropping involved tenants farming land that is owned by someone else in return for a share of the crops.

What kind of labor was used to grow cashcrops in the 1800s in the south?

Before the Civil War: slavery. After the Civil War: tenant and sharecropping.

When did sharecropping start and end?

sharecropping started in the1860's and ended in the mid-twentieth century.

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