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When there were outbreaks of the plague, public theater were closed. The black plague also affected public theater by inspiring many artists, such as William Shakespeare.

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Q: What effect did the black plague have on the public theater?
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What effect did the black plague have on the theater?

it slowed down the theater acts and killed many talented actors

How did the Black Plague effect theater?

Fewer people came to see theater because they were dead, sick, or afraid of getting the disease.

Who did the Black Plague effect?

At the time, the Black Plague affected everyone in the world.

Who did the black plague effect the most?


What happened to the theater companies when they were closed down between 1953 and 1954?

The Black plague

What effect did the Black Plague have against the world?

It killed a lot of people.

What three continents did the black plague effect?

Europe Africa Asia

How did the extermination of cats in Europe effect the spread of the black plague?

The Black Plague was spread by fleas, which were on the cats, so when they were exterminated one of the primary sources of the travel of the Black Plague was eliminated but fleas were also on rats.

How did the plague caused by the Black Death effect Europe?

Black Death Plague killed one in every three. This left Europe empty and broken.

How did the plague effect labor?

Black Death Plague killed half of world's population. So it affected very negatively.

What effect did the black plague have on the public theater during shakespeare time?

When there was a plague outbreak, the theatres were closed down, as it was thought that the disease spread more easily in crowds. When this happened, the actors had to find other ways of making money (as Shakespeare did in 1593 by publishing his erotic poem Venus and Adonis) or take their plays on a tour of rural centres (as the Lord Chamberlain's Men did in 1596).

How did the Black Death effect children's games?

because the plague was so deadly

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