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Q: What effect does the striking of the clock have on the reuellers?
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Who invented the first striking clock?

Benjamin Banneker

How do different lengths of string effect a pendulums swing?

As the length of the string (or armature) of the pendulum increases the rotational speed of the pendulum decreases proportionately if the velocity of the weight remains the same. Example: a pendulum operating a clock is rotating too fast. The clock is running fast as a result. by sliding the pendulum weight out away from the fulcrum (lengthening the armature in effect) the pendulum slows and corrects the time keeping accuracy of the clock. * note: Metronomes operate using this principle as well.

What is the singular possessive noun clock?

The singular possessive form for the noun clock is clock's.

What are the energy transformations in striking a match?

When striking a match, the chemical energy stored in the match-head is transformed into heat and light energy.


A grandfather clock is a freestanding floor clock with a pendulum which is driven by weights. William Clement, an English clockmaker, developed this type of clock in 1670. They are sometimes referred to as longcase and striking clocks. A modern longcase clock is referred to as a grandfather clock and has eight-day movements which are different from the earlier longcase clocks. Traditionally, there were two types of longcase clocks, an eight-day one that had to be wound once a week and a thirty hour clock which had to be wound once a day. The modern longcase clock is usually driven by weights suspended by a cable wrapped around a pulley and is wound by inserting a crank key into a hole of the face of the clock and turning it. There are chain-driven ones that are wound by pulling the chain on the weights until the weights reach the top, right under the face of the clock. The left weight of a modern grandfather clock, which contains three weights, controls the striking on the hour, the middle weight controls the pendulum and keeps the time correct, and the right weight controls the quarter-hour chiming sequences. For the pendulum to swing properly, the clocks must be absolutely level on the floor. Westminster Quarters are installed in most modern grandfather clocks but some offer Whittington Chimes or Michael’s Chimes. One-fourth of the chime sequence sounds on 15 minutes past the hour, one-half of the chime sequence sounds on 30 minutes past the hour, three-fourths of the chime sequence sounds on quarter past the hour, and the remaining chime sequence sounds on the hour. Grandfather clocks got their name in 1876 when a song was written by H.C. Work called My Grandfather’s Clock. This was written in remembrance of two brothers who worked as managers at a hotel in England. When the first brother died, the clock began to lose time. When the other brother died, the clock quit working altogether. The longcase clocks were routinely called grandfather clocks from that time on.

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What effect does the striking of the clock have on the revellers in The Masque of the Red Mask?

When the clock strikes, the orchestra stops playing, which causes the dancers and party-goers to stop talking, and everyone becomes quiet.

Who invented the first striking clock?

Benjamin Banneker

What did Benjamin bannkers accomplish?

he made the first striking clock in america and he published an almanack

How long did Pat stay in the army?

Pat came in at 12 o'clock and ccame out at 12:01.

How do you get the lantern?

you get the fire out of the fire place by setting the clock above it striking midnight with both hands

How has Jang Yeong-sil become successful?

Because he invented the self-striking water clock

Who invented the first striking clock to be made completely in the US?

Benjamin Banneker

What did Benjamin Banneker accomplish from his striking clock?

well he figured out time that's a pretty big accomplishment

What old hymn has words time clock is striking the hour Jesus will soon descend?

Eternal Rest

How does soil contamination effect deer?

by striking their torn mills or talalas

Can temperature extremes make a clock inaccurate?

Temperature extremes can effect the performance of a clock.

The striking emotional effect created by the high point in the melodic line is called?

the climax