What effect will soda have on candy?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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which candy with cause soda exposion

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Q: What effect will soda have on candy?
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What is an empty calorie food that some people call liquid candy?

Soda! :)

What is a candy that contains baking soda?

Toffee brittle.

Foods like hard candy soda pop and candy bars are made of refined?


What is the effect of china rose on soda water?

effect of backing soda on china rose solution

Was there a seven up candy bar?

After the soda "7 Up"? No.

Does soda effect your brain?

Yes. Soda can effect your brain because it contains sugar and dissolved carbon dioxide.

Does baking soda have any carcinogenic effect?

No, baking soda does not have a carcinogenic effect. There is research being done on baking soda as a aid in the treatment of certain cancers.

Does soda have same effect on plants as water?

No,because soda is bad

What kind of food are served at a prom?

Chips, candy, soda, etc.

Which ones have little nutritional value?

Two examples are candy and soda.

What Supplies was brought by Ferdinand Magellan?

the supplies they brought were candy, sugar, soda, more candy and thats pretty much it

What can not you do when you have braces?

You can't chew suggared gum or other chewy candy, eat popcorn, hard candy, or drink soda