What electric can openers are made in US?

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A number of electric can openers are made in the US including the EZ-DUZ-IT and, for heavier duty work, the Edlund 266 (see Sources and related links section below).


There is only one electric can opener still made here and it is the Edlund 266. The EZ_DUZ_IT can opener is a manual can opener, not an electric.

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2012-12-28 18:11:10
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Q: What electric can openers are made in US?
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When was the electric can opener made?

Electric can openers were invented in the early 1950's

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Does a can opener have magnets in it?

If you mean an electric can opener, then yes. The electric motor contains an electromagnet, and the cutting arm contains a magnet to lift the can into place and hold the lid. But manual can openers usually don't, unless they were made to double as refrigerator magnets. You usually see that with bottle openers rather than can openers.

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