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Alkali metals such as sodium, potassium

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Depending on the force of an explosion, it could kill some of the marine life in the water very close to it. An explosion on a rig also scatters some forms of hazardous debris into the water which pollutes it. Also, an oil rig explosion could also cause a flow of oil or well fluid from a well or pipeline into the water that can cause severe pollution.

Alkali metals and water react in a violent manner; they form strong bases and hydrogen gas and can result in an explosion.

Salt water cause corrosion on most metal pipes.

A compressed cotton bale may explode when exposed to high humidity. Cotton is highly hygroscopic and readily absorbs water vapor from the air. After baling at ideal moisture content, subsequent water absorption could potentially increase the volume of cotton by 40-45%. This may cause an "explosion." (This answer assumes that "explosion" is not referring to spontaneous combustion)

slower because less water is exposed to the heat, the cause of evaporation.

No, bleach and sugar water won't make an explosion but they'll cause a reaction.

what happens when they are exposed to water

Water should never be used to fight an electrical fire. It could potentially cause an explosion or cause you to become electrocuted.

The water did not cause the explosion it was from the pressure assist that caused the toilet to explode because of a hair line crack

Water that comes in contact with magma or very hot rock can flash boil, causing an explosion of steam.

i only know one: the reaction of sodium with water can cause a fire or an explosion;D

its either air pollution, better nutrition,water pollution's, poor nutrition......

Some factors are: temperature, water area exposed, humidity of the atmosphere, etc.

The most important factors are: temperature, pressure, water area exposed, stirring.

No. Adding water to oil at deep frying temperature will cause a steam explosion and oil will go everywhere and burn people.

Sometimes the top heating element gasket can become faulty and cause the lower element to leak and this will cause moisture to build up and short out the lower element.

They are extremely reactive with water. Sodium, for example, can be placed in water and cause a small explosion, or at the least, burn.

Because the explosion can cause overflow of water causing harm to users and surrounding environment

If the carbonate is warm then it could cause a small explosion or shatter the tube it is in.

yes it will therre is a special chemical around all playing cards that when mixed with water and heatedd can cause an explosion

Yes. It can cause an explosion of vapor, and fire. Alcohol should be heated in a water bath, and the temperature of the water should be carefully monitored.

Sodium is very reactive, and will react with the water in the air. Also, if it got a lot of water on it, the sodium would cause a fire or explosion.

Water simply adds another element of refraction to a diamond. The stone's sparkle is based on the excellence of its cut and the source of light to which it is exposed.

1. by increasing of temperature2. by decreasing the pressure3. by increasing the area of water exposed to atmosphere4. by water stirring

It will not cause low water pressure. It will cause a loss of heated water because the heater will not be able to recover fast enough. It has nothing to do with pressure.

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