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Q: What element is a more reactive metal Te or Ag?
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Using the periodic table choose the more reactive metal Ag or Te?

AG stands for silver

What is the chemical element Ag what is the current value?

Ag is the element Silver (a metal)

What element is more active Sr or Ag?

Sr (strontium) is considerably more reactive than Ag (silver). In fact, Strontium is so reactive that it must be stored in mineral oil to prevent its reaction with the oxygen in the air. Strontium also reacts with water.

Is ag a molecules?

No, It is silver metal, an element , single Ag is an atom.

Which metal is more reactive Mg or Al?

Mg (with 2 valence electrons) is more reactive than Al (with 3 valence electrons) In the reactivity series magnesium come just above aluminium

Is Ag more reactive than K?

No: Potassium is much more reactive generally than silver.

Is Ag a metal or nonmetal element?

Yes it is a transition element. It is present in 5d transition series.

What element belongs to the fifth period and the eleventh group?

Elements in the 11th group are.Cu,Ag,Au. Out of them, Ag is in the 5th period. Ag is a metal element in the d block.

What group does the element Ag go in?

Group XI (transition metal)

Among Cu Pb Fe Ag Al Mg Zn which metal tends to corrode more?

Among Cu Pb Fe Ag Al Mg Zn it is magnesium will corrode more because it is more reactive than the metals listed.

What is the atomic number of ag?

Silver is a metal element. Atomic number of it is 47.

Does CuSO4 react with Ag?

It does not cause a reaction. Ag (Silver) is less active than Cu (Copper). The element has to be MORE active in order for a reaction to occur.