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Hey, In most pools it is chlorine, but newer pools have been known to be use different chemicals.


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The state with the most swimming pools would be Arizona.

the element chlorine is very common. its used in most disinfectant cleaners and used in swimming pools.

As far as I know no elements are used The most common disinfectant for swimming pools is a sodium hypo-chlorite NaOC which is an unstable salt containing the element chlorine .

Chlorine is the most used (to disinfect and keep clean), but Bromine is also used.

Yes most Amish are allowed to have swiming pools.

Most swimming pools are between 4 and 10 feet deep. The World's Deepest Pool, though is 108 feet deep.

no they most certainly do not .

Chlorine is the most popular method.

Most pools are a rectangular prism

Sports shops, some supermarkets sell them-also most swimming pools sell them

the most apples that i have seen amounted to a volume of most small swimming pools

A fiberglass swimming pool can be purchased from specific retailers that deal entirely in swimming pools. Most of the time these are brick-and-mortar establishments and may vary from location to location. However, online sites such as Water World Pools, or All-In-One Pools, do sell and ship fiberglass pools.

Chlorine is used in swimming pools for a few reasons. The most common are: 1. Chlorine acts as a mild disinfectant, it makes swimming in the water a more sanitary activity. 2. Chlorine also inhibits the growth of algae. Without chlorine, most pools would be green within a few days.

There are many different lengths of pools. The most common is 25 meters. There are also 50 meter pools.

Most goldfish bowls, aquaria, swimming pools, seas, oceans...

Most probable answer is mosquito larvae.

Most pools have six or eight lanes. The pools in the Olympics have eight, but smaller ones often have six.

Yes. Even the most lenient town regulatins will require a fence. Yes it is very much required to have residential fencing at swimming pools, for more info you can log on to the Totalfenceinc website

32. Most pools are 25 meters across.

Well the average depth of a home installed swimming pool is about 6 ft

You can opt for copper ionization technology for chlorine free swimming pool. Copper ionization technology is most healthiest alternative for chlorine free pools.

Swimming pools can have many types of bottoms. Most are cement or dirt. So if its cement and bumpy its probably wearing and the same if its dirt. When the pool was put in on top of the dirt is sand usually so the sand has shifted. The water stays in because most pools have liners.

A standard Olympic swimming pool is 50 meters long, but most pools that measure in meters (and are used for competition) are 25 meters long.

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