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Q: What element is our sun mostly made of?
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Is sun a element?

No but it is composed of them- mostly gases.

In the sun what is the air made out of?

The sun is mostly made of hydrogen and helium.

What chemicals is the sun made out of?

The sun is made of mostly Hydrogen and Helium

Why is the sun made of?

The sun is made mostly of superheated hydrogen and helium.

What element makes up mostly the sun and many stars?


What element is earth mostly made of?

rocks- mostly metamorphic

What is largely made of gas the Earth Sun or The Moon?

The Earth and the Moon are not made mostly of gas but the Sun is.

Sun is made mostly of what?


What is sun mostly made?


What chemical element is the principal constituent of the sun?

Three quarters of the sun is made up of hydrogen, while the rest is made up of mostly helium. The remainder is made up of heavier elements, such as oxygen neon and iron. thank u hoped it help u

What is the sun mostly made up?


Is iron a compound mixture element?

Iron is an element, and is the heaviest element that may be made by fusion in a Star such as our Sun.