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It is the elements heavier than iron that are formed in a supernova. All the heavier elements up through uranium appear when a star of sufficient mass collapses in a supernova event. These heavier elements, sometimes referred to as the trans-iron elements, appear in the collapse of a massive star. In this catastrophic event, the iron and silicon (and any other lighter elements) in the star are super compressed. The already hot conditions are made even hotter, and the available energy is sufficient to drive the fusion reactions that create the trans-iron elements.

All the fusion reactions up through those that create iron are exothermic, and that means they release energy. The fusion reactions that create the trans-iron elements are endothermic, and that means energy has to be put into them. Only in the collapse of a star of sufficient mass is there enough energy to drive the fusion reactions that produce the trans-iron elements.

See Periodic Table (iron is number 26).

See related link.

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Where are all the elements heavier than iron formed?

They are usually first formed in supernova explosions. These would be dispersed in space and might end up in a planetary system..The heavier, radioactive, nuclei would then form their daughter elements.

What is the differences between super nova and neutron star?

A supernova is when a massive star explodes. A neutron star is what can be formed after a supernova explosion. See related questions

Was the Orion nebula a nova or a supernova?

The Orion nebula was likely caused by a supernova. It is a huge cloud of gas within which hundreds of new stars are being formed.

How are elements heavier than iron formed?

Elements heavier than iron are formed in super-nova explosions.

What does supernova mean?

Nova (plural novae) means "new" in Latin, The prefix "super-" distinguishes supernova from ordinary nova.

Who sings supernova?

super nova

What occurs before a supernova explosion?

Nuclear fusion stops and the star is no longer capable of transformming LIGHTER elements into HEAVIER. elements. At this point GRAVITY looses out and PRESSURE wins out thereby causing the supernova explosion. But bear in mind, there is a HUGE difference between an ordinary star going NOVA and a SUPERNOVA.

How do you say super nova in Latin?


Why does a supernova explode?

a super nova is a dieing star. they explode when they die so that makes a supernova!

What does a star produce when it undergoes a nova or supernova explosion?

Lots of energy is converted in the process, and radiated into space. Also, the star will produce heavy elements.

What is another name for an exploding star?

A nova or a supernova

What is the name of an explosion of a star?

a super novaA supernova.

Do stars explode and why?

Yes, they do. This is called a nova or supernova, depending on its mass. The supernova outshines every star you can see usually depending on the distance. If a star is big enough, the supernova can create a black hole in space. The crab nebula was formed by a supernovas about 1,000 years ago.

Who is supernova?

A super nova isn't a person. A super-nova is a high mass star's explosion.

What forms in supernova?

Heavier elements require a nova or supernova to form. The main sequence stars mostly turn hydrogen into helium, but they also form the lighter elements up to iron. After that, far more intense forces are required to fuse atomic nuclei. The stellar collapse forces the nuclei to fuse.

What nicknames does Michael Bucci go by?

Michael Bucci goes by Nova, Supernova, Hollywood Nova, and Simon Dean.

Is supernova an exploding star?

Yes, supernovas are exploding stars. And too, you might want to learn to differentiate between NOVA, SUPERNOVA, TYPE 1A SUPERNOVA and HYPERNOVA.

What are kinds of exploding stars?

Supernova and nova.See related questions.

What is the difference between a nova a supernova and a hypernova?

See related questions

Will the sun turn into a super nova?

No. It does not have enough mass to become a supernova.

Who made xenon?

Xenon was made mainly in nova and supernova explosions.

Is there such thing as a meta-nova?

A meta-nova is a quazar of energy belted from a 45 lightyear distant supernova forming radioactive build-up resulting in a meta-nova or x10,000 super nova

Is a supernova bigger than a red giant?

It all depends. What stage the super nova is at and what type of star the super nova was.

How is gold formed?

Gold is an element and is formed in the core of large stars, especially during a nova. On Earth, veins of gold are formed by separation from liquid rock after gravity agglomerates the molecules. It will form long chains within spaces in minerals because of its resistance to combining with lighter elements.

What elements were formed in the big bang?

The only element that was formed in the big bang was hydrogen. However, in this compact and extremely hot area it was possible for nucleosynthesis to occur. For about three minutes, helium and a small amount of lithium (plus a smattering of deuterium, tritium and beryllium) were produced. After about three minutes, the Universe had cooled sufficiently to halt this process. Any other elements would be produced in a stars core or a nova/supernova explosion.