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In a process known as nuclear fusion, hydrogen is constantly fused into helium.

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Q: What elements are fusing in the sun's core right now?
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What element is found in the suns core?

There are several elements found in the sun's core. Some of these include helium, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, iron, silicon, sulfur, and others.

What is in the suns core?

helium and hydrogen

Where is the suns energy?

In the Sun's core.

What are the conditions of the suns core?

Where is the suns energy generated?

In the Sun's core.

What layer is the suns energy produced?

In the core

Where does a fusion take place in the sun?

The core or the sun's photosphere.

Where is the suns energy is generated at?

At the core where the fuel is burning

What area is the suns energy created in?

Core of the sun.

The suns energy is generated at its?

the suns energy is generated at its core. The energy that is produced by the sun is generated by fusion.

Is the Inner Core hotter Than The Suns Inner Core?

No it is not, however it is similar to that of the sun's surface

Is the Suns core made out of plasma?

"The core is made of hot, dense gas in the plasmic state"