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Q: What elements have relatively small nuclear binding energy per nuclear particle?
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Elements with the greatest nuclear binding energies per nuclear particle are the?

Nickel and iron

What element has the greatest nuclear binding energy per nuclear particle?

We know that nickel-62 has the highest nuclear binding energy per nucleon of any element.

Where is synthetic elements made?

in nuclear reactors and particle accelerators

Synthetic elements are produced in nuclear reactors and also by using what?

Particle Accelerators.

Synthetic elements are produced in nuclear reactors and also by using?

Particle accelerator

What is fission in physics?

In physics, fission is the process in which a heavy, unstable element is split into two lighter elements by bombarding it with a small particle. Some of the energy that was binding the element's nucleus together is then released, along with a third, tiny particle that is released as well. The tiny particle then collides with another of the heavy elements, causing it to split as well, emitting another particle which collides with another heavy element, and so on. This is the chain reaction that allows for sustainable nuclear power generation, in which the reaction is controlled, or the detonation of nuclear weapons, in which the reaction is uncontrolled.

What machine makes most synthetic elements?

Synthetic elements are obtained: - in nuclear reactors - as a result (in debris) of nuclear weapons explosions - with the aid of particle accelerators

What is nuclear bomb explosion?

Sudden release (in a few microseconds) of excess nuclear binding energy. This can come from either very massive elements (fission) and/or very light elements (fusion).

How is nuclear binding energy released?

Through either fusion of light elements or fission of heavy ones

Scientists make elements heavier then uranium in machines called?

Particle accelerators and nuclear reactors

Which is the order of particle size from largest to smallest?

The term 'particle' broadly encompasses any relatively small piece of matter, but in particle and nuclear physics, quarks and electrons are smallest, followed by protons, then neutrons.

Can a hydrogen nuclear fission reaction restart the hydrogen fusion reaction?

No, hydrogen does not fission. Fission only occurs in heavy elements that are well past the peak in binding energy per nucleon (where binding energy per nucleon is decreasing), and fusion can only occur in light elements which are in the portion of the binding energy curve where binding energy per nucleon is increasing. When you fission a heavy element or fuse light elements, the product nuclei have higher binding energies per nucleon than the original element. This is where the energy release comes from. Check out the Wikipedia article on nuclear binding energy.