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Shortening, such as Crisco, is made from vegetable oil.


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Atoms make up elements and elements make up all matter.

No, elements make up minerals.

The elements that make up honey are honey

Yes, atoms make up elements.

Shortening is used to make the dish fluffy.

the one we do in elements make up molecules

how many of the known elements do metals make up

Polymers are made up of elements

Iron and oxygen are the two elements that make up rust.

titanium is an element so no other elements make up titanium.

Elements make up compounds. Compounds cant make up elements. Compounds are bigger than elements. Elements are smaller than compounds.

There are two elements that make up the compound NaBr, or sodium bromide. These two elements are sodium and bromine.

It depends on what you mean. Metals make up the majority of the elements, but the largest family of elements are the transition elements.

The two elements that make up steel are mainly carbon and iron.

the elements that make up a civilization is stop depending on the computer or phone and learn it

The elements aluminum and chlorine make up the compound aluminum chloride.

Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are the only elements that make up sugars.

A compound is "composed" of elements. The periodic table is made up of elements. Atoms make up elements and elements when reacted together make compounds.

No compounds make up elements. Elements make up compounds, so there are no compounds in cadmium since it is an element.

elements make up compounds

The s and p blocks make up the main-group elements, which are also known as representative elements.

There are three different chemical and physical elements that make up phosphate. These elements are oxygen, potassium and sodium.

The elements that make up stainless steel are nickel, iron,chromium and manganese.

The four elements that make up a protein are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.

The two elements that make up the earths core are Iron and Nickel.

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