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iron and sulphur

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Q: What elements would you react together to make the compound iron sulphate?
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What elements would you react together to make a compound iron sulphide?


When two or more different elements react together they form a?

They form a compound.

When will two elements on being mixed together a compound?

When they react with one another.

What is iron and sulphur mixed together?

The elements will react and will form iron sulfide, which is a compound.

The atoms of two different elements react together to form a compound why is it difficult to separate the two elements when this has happened?

because they are chemically joined together and it is difficult to separate them

What element will not react with compounds of aluminum?

the elements piuberty and vaginian will not react as a compound

A compound is formed by?

Two or more elements react now to improve the above answer when two or more elements (doesnt matter if they ere isotopes or not) come together that is when a compound is made . Compounds could be broken down but elemants can NOT,

Does copper react with magnesium sulphate?

No, but magnesium ribbon will react with copper sulphate

Does sodium sulphate react with hydrochloride acid to give carbon dioxide?

No. There is no carbon in either sodium sulphate or hydrochloric acid so they cannot produce a compound containing carbon.

What two substances react together to make zinc sulphate?

Zinc oxide and sulphuric acid

Can silver be uesed with other elements?

Yes! Silver can react with other elements to form a compound

How does copper and zinc sulphate react together?

zinc is more reactive than copper hence it displaces the copper in copper sulphate solution to become zinc sulphate and copper metal is formed