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The telegraph is what ended the Pony Express

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When did the pony express end?

October 24, 1861 is when the Pony Express ended.

When was the last drop of mail for the pony express?

The date the Pony Express ended was at the year 1861

What ended the Pony Express?

The Pony Express ended when the telegraph was extended across the Great Plains and to the California coast. The Telegraph was both faster and cheaper.

When did the pony express start?

The Pony Express started in the beginning of April 1860 and ended October 24, 1861.

Did the pony express end and when did it end?

The Pony Express only operated for 17 months, in 1860 and 1861; it officially ended operation on October 26, 1861.

What was the effect of the rail road and telegraph?

The Pony Express mail service was ended.

Why did the Pony express end?

The invention and creation of the telegraph made a faster and cheaper method to send information across the nation, The Pony Express ended because of an advance in technology.

Where did the pony express start and end?

started at the oragan trail and ended in sacramento California.

What are facts that occurred in the pony express?

there was not a single pony on the pony express only horses.

Where is the pony express route?

The Pony Express route is in Illinois.

Where did the pony express?

what time was jimmy spoon and the pony express

In what state are the Pony Express stables?

The Pony Express stables are in California.

Did the pony express use electricity?

No, the Pony Express used horses.

When was Pony Express Terminal created?

Pony Express Terminal was created in 1852.

When was Pony Express Bridge created?

Pony Express Bridge was created in 1983.

When did Operation Pony Express happen?

Operation Pony Express happened in 1965.

Was the pony express slower than a telegraph?

No the reason they didn't continue using the pony express was because thetelegraph was faster than the pony express

What actors and actresses appeared in The Pony Express Girl - 1912?

The cast of The Pony Express Girl - 1912 includes: Edward Coxen as The Pony Express Rider Marin Sais as May - the Pony Express Girl

What were the causes of the pony express?

The causes for the pony express were so mail could go around the country. and then the pony express was replaced by trains carrying mail.

What are the names of the Pony express riders?

pony express rider of the last name of Chase

How much did riders on the pony express get paid?

a riderfor the pony express got $25

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