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You have to get an op 8 or rank 86 so fairly smart

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99.9% enter score.

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Q: What enter score do you need to become a dietitian?
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What enter score do you need to become a counselor?


What is the enter score for zoologist?

Dont need one

How long do you have to go to school to be a dietitian?

To become a dietitian you need to attend a 2-4 year college program. Dietitians also have to be registered and are required to complete a 12 month internship.

OP score to become a Vet?

you need a score of 1-8

How much do veterinarians need to get in vce?

You can enter veterinary science with a score as low as around 95. At MU the highest ENTER score to enter was 99.30. Just look at university sites.

What op score do you need to have to become a lawyer?

to become a lawyer you need to get an op of around 9

What score do you need on the ASVAB to get into Army Special Forces?

To enter the Army Special Forces you will need to achieve at least a General Technical score of 110.

What work is undertaken in order to become a pharmacist?

well to be a pharmacist you main core subjects are chemistry, maths, english, biology physics. you need these subjects because it will give you a high score, op ENTER score etc to go to uni

What is the enter score you need to become a lawyer?

You have to get inbetween 98 and 99 for monash university, other universitys mau vary but it is all mainly around 90 and up. Hope this helped ;)

What Op score do you need to become a Lawyer?

Op. 3

What op score do you need to become a teacher?

op 20

Who offers online courses on how to become a nutritionist?

To become a nutritionist or dietitian, you will need to have a degree from your local community college or university. You can also take classes online. Visit